Heater Mechanical Decoking & Pipelines Cleaning

NCR Brazil is a joint venture between CR International from New Zealand and Nexxo S.A. from Chile . Nexxo has been working together with Cokebusters Inc, from UK, since 2007 developing all LATAM market such Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Perú. Our company currently provide the scientific process operation of decoking and specialized machinery from Cokebusters UK technology. NCR Brazil is now in the position to provide a comprehensive service for decoking, comprising the following areas: • PIG SCRATCHING AND CLEANING • SPECIALIZED MACHINERY PUMPING UNITS • TRAINING OF QUALIFIED PERSONNEL • MONITORING AND MEASURING PROCESSES ASSOCIATED WITH DECOKING • COLLECTION OF HYDROCARBONS THAT COMPLY WITH ENVIRONMENTAL STANDARDS Putting it simply, NCR recognizes that some refineries still prefer traditional decoking method systems such as steam cleaning or pressurization. Although we do not reprove such practices, NCR tries to identify the shortcomings of these old procedures, highlighting the time, costs and environmental improvements that can be achieved with the regular adoption of NCR modern decoking technology.

Decoking AND INSPECTION in joint harmony

An intelligent pig is released in the pipes in the same way as a decoking pig. The same machinery and equipment is used without modification. While the intelligent pig is in the pipes, it scans the surface with ultrasonic pulses, collecting valuable information on the physical conditions of the pipe (diameter, wall thickness, deformation and imperfections). The results are downloaded in a NCR control cabin after being processed and displayed in a live interactive format for further study.

Our intelligent pig can analyze pipes which have a minimum inner diameter of 2,6-inches (66 mm ) to 12-inches ( 305 mm ), comprising the entire range of possible internal dimensions of refining furnaces. Its unique design allows it to travel without problems in different geometries such as oven elbows 90 to 180 ◦ '3 f include Box Header.

Ultrasound analysis is useful for engineers' inspection of the plant, as with this information, they can make important decisions about the status of the units and their future maintenance. Besides geometry information, the intelligent Pig has analysis software that can distinguish between clean surfaces and surfaces with debris or contamination on it, that allow to quantify the results of the decoking operation.

Mechanical Pigging

NCR has several different technologies available for the cleaning of pipelines. With a combination of technologies both internal and external, we are able to clean and inspect most pipelines in existence today. We also have a wide range of foam, gauging, cleaning, and disposable piggs for general pipeline cleaning and maintenance.