Catalyst Handling & Mechanical Services

NCR Brazil set new standards in reactor, mechanical, and catalyst handling services to oil refineries, petrochemical plants, and offshore platforms. By providing a genuinely multi-skilled workforce we ensure optimal performance and productivity, while maintaining a safety record that sets us apart from others in the industry.

NCR Brazil supply refineries and petrochemical plants with superior equipment and staff. As a result of this commitment we can offer a complete, 'blinds to blinds', range of services for both on and offshore purposes. This includes the commissioning and maintaining of catalytic reactors, columns, and vessels; by one integrated team.

Catalyst Handling Services

By utilizing a specially trained workforce and purpose-built equipment, NCR Brazil can execute catalyst projects efficiently and safely; with minimal delays from fusing, minimal catalyst attrition, and excellent dust control systems.

  • Pre-commissioning of reactors and vessels.
  • Services in inert and toxic atmospheres, plus hot and hostile environments.
  • Reactor cooling utilising a proprietary liquid Nitrogen system.
  • Unloading and loading of catalyst under inert or normal atmospheres.
  • Dense Phase Loading systems for the transfer of catalyst directly from grade to reactor manway, without the use of Cranes and Hoppers.
  • Innovative, purpose built-equipment ensuring low catalyst attrition rate.
  • Catalyst sampling and particle measurement.
  • Vacuum unloading with closed loop nitrogen re-circulation.
  • Catalyst transportation, storage, and containment (UN approved).
  • Catalyst loading of reactors using UOP┬« dense loading and conventional techniques.
  • Tubular Reformer loadings using Unidense┬« loading and conventional techniques.
  • Pre-sulphiding (DMDS Injection).
  • Metals reclamation and disposal of materials.
  • Video inspection and assessment.
  • Shutdown planning, coordination and execution.